The Miller Red Barn has a new roof, thanks to your support.  Thank you!

In May 2017, Jimmy Shrull Roofing, Inc. work began to replace the roof on The Barn.  There were a number of rafters and cross beams that needed to be fixed before the new roof could be put on.  Jimmy found a company that could supply him with the rough-cut redwood pieces that were needed, the same material used in the original barn.  The roof is now completed and weather tight.

The next stage in restoring the Barn is to put it on a reinforced cement footing and replace the flooring.  At the present time the barn is sitting on a mudsill and has dirt, concrete and wood flooring.  Mudsills were common in 1891 and it was efficient.  However, the squirrels and other critters have no problem digging under them and compromising the structure. In order to make the barn fully ADA compliant, keep out the critters, and stabilize the structure, a new foundation and new flooring is required.

We are anticipating that the cost, of the next phase, will be $150,000.  Towards this end, our grant writer is diligently working on sending out proposals and the board of directors is working on plans for fundraising events.  Our next event will be a dinner on September 22, 2018 at the VFW Hall in Gilroy.  Tickets are available on our website; The Miller Red Barn (

On the third Tuesday of every month, join us for Lunch or Dinner (11am to 9pm) at Victoria’s Mexican Restaurant at 757 First Street, Gilroy, CA 95020, 408-848-1052.  15% of your bill will be donated to The Miller Red Barn Restoration Fund.  At dinner we usually gather tables in the middle of the dining room and all sit together, feel free to join us.  People are usually coming and go starting about 6pm. Hope to see you there!

As a final note, The Miller Red Barn Association receives no financial support from the City of Gilroy.  If you feel that this is a worthwhile project, please donate.

If you have any questions or comments, you may reach me (Patti Perino) at;

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